Hiking in Revelstoke is amazing! What's not to be amazing, nature, wildlife, exercise and the conversations you have with your fellow hikers along the way. 

Mount Revelstoke National Park boasts over 100 km's of well laid out and signed hiking trails. The difficulty, terrain elevation and length vary greatly depending on what you want to see and how much physical and time commitment you are willing to put in. The longer more difficult trail certainly does not mean a prettier view or a better hike. In fact, some of the best views are the most accessible. You can basically drive to all the best viewpoint destinations by car. 

Hiking in Revelstoke outside of the National Park is a bit of a different story. When not in the park, there are fewer regulations, funding, signage and obviously traffic. But man oh man, are some of these hidden gems a wonderful experience. 

not like your typical other mountain Destinations. Nice, big and pretty sign well laid out and very traversed. Hiking in