Kyle Scott - March 1, 2021

Top Tips for Going on a Hike

Heading out on a hike is a great way to spend any day. Reconnecting with nature and escaping the hustle of the 9-5. Maybe even jump into an alpine lake to really cleanse and have a new experience. At Revelstoke Local Tours we want everyone to have the best day in the mountains or on a hike. So we use the 3 P's of Hiking to enjoy our day to the fullest. 

The 3 P's of Hiking

Planning. The who, what, where, when and how of the trip. Having a plan will help you make the best decisions to have the best day!  

Packing. You may want to bring a few more things than just a waterbottle and granola bar. Come check out what we bring on our hikes.

Putting Your Boots on the Trail. Once you’ve given your readers useful information in a meaningful setting, they may be interested in actually plunking down their credit card. Unfortunately, here’s where many business blogs stop. Blog editors, familiar with their company’s e-commerce site and how to find specific products, can assume readers innately know how to find the product or have the motivation to track it down. Don’t get me wrong. Some very small percentage of prospects will to go extreme efforts to find the product. Unfortunately, the rest will just leave or worse go to your competitor.

Ways to convert your traffic to sales

To make your blog an effective sales machine, integrate your product into your content in a way that doesn’t scream BUY, BUY, BUY. Here are five steps to provide relevant information and eye-candy to lure readers in and help convert blog posts to sales receipts.

Provide useful, relevant information. Show prospects how to use your product, give them instructions or how-tos, and/or entertain them.

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Include a variety of different forms of content. Photographs and videos are particularly important because readers tend to be visual and want to see your product in action.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

Make it easy to buy by eliminating stumbling blocks to purchase. Don’t assume customers know which item you’re talking about in your post. Provide a link directly to the product page or just link the product to your blog so they can buy if they want. If it relevant give readers more than one way to get to the product.

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